Al Nageh Trading Company offers the highest quality HVAC products such as condensate removal pumps and accessories for the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration
Industry, representing the pumps global market leader in design and manufacture. There is an impressive range of Mini pumps, Peristaltic, Tank, Supermarket and Boiler pumps.

We can supply with rigid Trunking PVC ducts system self-extinguish out and U.V. rays resistant, that allows to install easily and rapidly new pipes for your new air conditioning plant.

There is a line of Drain condensate pipes, ducts including service ducts, Electrical ducts Minitrunkings as well as accessories such as the canalization, special accessories for the duct type 06 and 08 standard and midi models, duct cutters, floor supports for external AC units, preset boxes for AC plants and Rigid PVC drain condensate pipes in 20 25 and 32 diameters


We also distribute high quality copper and copper-alloy rolled and extruded products and cables, as well as copper tubes .and zinc rolled products. We are able to satisfy every cooper request providing our clients with a wide range of products from copper tubes, sheets and strips to brass circles and bars, as well asfrom zinc sheets and strips to special alloy products and cables, enameled wires and insulating rubber or plastic compounds

The raw materials used in the production process are originally from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Chile. The products quality is certified by several significant product inspection organizations such as, AFNOR, NSF, DVGW, ZIK, NSAI, BSI, AENOR etc. We ensure for copper tubes:

  • Unlimited lifetime
  • Resistance to pressure, temperature and fire
  • Low thermal expansion and enhanced shape stability
  • Complete impermeability
  • Potable water hygiene
  • Style and space saving
  • Cost-effectiveness

Our manufactures are based in Europe and meet ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2000 requirements. We provide the best prices and will be happy to advise them on your request.