What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is a new technology which will make the reality and the internet work together by making the world around you be seen with a layer of new information from the internet.

Augmented reality takes a real object or space as the foundation and incorporates technologies that add contextual data to deepen a person’s understanding of the subject. Augmented reality adds graphics, sounds, haptic feedback to the natural world as it exists

For example, when you look for a sofa which should match your room design and color, etc. you usually go to shopping centers trying to find what you need, browsing internet for hours but still not quite sure which one will suit you the best and take a risk with buying it hoping it will look goodin your requirements.

But with our Augmented Reality technology you may take a furniture catalogue home and with the help of a laptop or mobile camera to project all sofas and other furniture from it in the flat which will allow you to see the sofa as if it is real over there. No more searching, no guessing, no risk.

Or you travel and would like to buy presents for your beloved ones but not sure what they would like, which color, shape… With AR you and downloaded program on your mobiles you are able to pass them the gifts  so they could even fit clothes in virtual fitting rooms being in front of their mirror at home and advise you what they would prefer.

Or let’s say you are hungry and at busy intersection there are several restaurants around you but you don’t have the good way to make the decision, thanks to the new software on the mobile phones now you can simply point your phone’s camera on the buildings around you and restaurants will be magically recognized and layer of information about the restaurants, their cuisine and menus, prices appears on the screen.

How does AR work?

Live-video streams captured via a camera of a mobile phone or a web cam are sent to the computer to be processed, and computer will overlay artificial information about the environment and its objects on the real world once the AR programme restores all the data


Where can AR work?

Current efforts to develop Mobile Augmented Reality services are focusing on marketing services and entertainment, but as greater use develops among users, advertisers understand better how to use the medium and technology becomes more mature, it will gain a foothold in other major service sectors and will likely be found incorporated into the business processes of many companies.

Today, there is a great diversity in regard to the actual application of technology in the real world. There are no written rules of how to use it and already there are several scenarios where AR has been found to provide clear value to the user:

• Guiding the user in the supermarket to a specific product

• Showing the price of an item of clothing and the level of stock in a store

• Checking the technical specifications for a vehicle and its price from different dealers

• Trying virtual shoes or sunglasses on one’s real body

• Marking shops that offer more loyalty points and their best deals

• Knowing the store and stock position of items stocked

• Animating the illustrations in textbooks, magazines and classifieds with interactive content

• Displaying virtual ads on the facades of buildings and deals on store sideboards

• Learning with videos that incorporate the cooking instructions for a food package or how to assemble furniture

• Submitting social information (a Virtual ID): email address, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

• Participating in social games by locating people• AR can also enhance information via the simulation of 3D elements projected over surroundings

• Enhancing the tourist experience with contextual information about buildings and monuments

• Drawing the virtual route of the road whilst a user drives on the real road

• Indicating where and in what direction the nearest public service office is and checking opening times

• Showing the pharmacy that is closest; and indicating how to get there.

• Indicating where the nearest city bike can be found

• Showing the way to the assigned gate when transferring at an unfamiliar airport, etc.


What you need to use AR?

For Mobile Augmented Reality simply user has to download an application on to a phone or laptop, IPad, Android, etc. and look through the camera lens. These applications take advantage of new navigation features from new terminals and allow access to the Internet to mesh information from the two worlds and present it in a simple and intuitive way.


What can we do for you as AR?

Everything you can wish only and even more! The list of our projects is really endless.

AR can be used in each industry, everywhere, in everything, as examples just:

  • AR business cards
  • Bars, salons, restaurants, cafes, clubs, etc.
  • AR catalogues, brochures, books, etc.
  • AR cartoons, personages, celebrities, politicians, etc.
  • AR magazines, newspapers
  • AR presentations, advertisements
  • Shopping centers,  malls
  • Movies, theatres, cinemas
  • Events, presentations, trade fairs, exhibitions
  • Universities, colleges, schools for educational programs, trainings and so on.